Cupping therapy dates back as far as 1550 years BC and is another ancient form of healing. It involves building a vacuum inside a specialist cup made of either glass, plastic or silicone and the placement of it on the skin. The technique has wonderful effects on pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well being. 

Cupping is not painful although a strong sensation can be achieved and this may leave residual round red marks on the skin that may take several days to fade completely, if you are off out to the ball in a beautiful backless dress it is best avoided!

Fire Cupping

This involves the use of specialised glass cups which are momentarily warmed using a naked flame to create a vacuum and are then applied to the skin. 

The name “fire cupping” only applies to the method used to create the internal vacuum in the cup, the actual cups themselves are not hot and will not burn you.

Vacuum Cupping

Similar in its approach and technique, but equally effective, vacuum cupping uses a hand held pump to create a variable vacuum inside the cups.