Moxibustion or Moxa Therapy

Moxa is a soft woolly mass made from drying the herb Artemesis Vulgaris otherwise known as Mugwort.

It has many beneficial medicinal properties and is used to warm specific areas of the body and meridian points. The intention is to stimulate circulation thus promoting the smooth flow of Qi and Blood.

It can be used in various forms including:

Direct Moxa Cones

The woolly form of Moxa is shaped into small cones that are attached to an acupuncture point and burnt directly on the skin. Although this may sound a bit scary at first, the Moxa is never allowed to burn down to the skin and is removed before it does so.

Moxa on a needle

Moxa is applied to the end of the needle to provide warmth to deeper areas of the body and is particularly beneficial in musculo-skeletal conditions.

Indirect Moxa

Moxa Sticks: Moxa is rolled into cigar shaped rolls. These sticks are ignited until they smoulder, then wafted above the skin to warm larger areas.