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Many people are unaware that Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are a whole system of preventative healthcare, with the Chinese partaking in regular sessions to help them remain fit and well. 

In the West, for many years we have become accustomed to the opposite with regards to our health, only seeking out treatment when we become unwell. One great thing that has come from the dreadful COVID Pandemic is that we are now starting to understand the importance of good health and preventative medicine.

Acupuncture is a fabulous treatment for many many conditions, helping people to regain their health, but Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine actually excel when it comes to maintaining your state of good health, and assists in preventing the imbalances that cause illness in the first place.

It has a cumulative effect on the whole body, therefore, to gain the best results, more than one treatment is always required. A good way to understand this, is to think of it in terms of how long it took for your symptoms to become so bothersome that it forced you to seek treatment. Illness does not occur overnight so it is reasonable to expect that it will take a period of time and treatment to regain the balance of good health. A good way to understand the time frame involved for treatment is that every year of illness will take 1 month of treatment. The British Acupuncture Council advises a minimum course of 6 treatments spaced weekly as a minimum, to be the most beneficial.

Good health requires commitment, and I ask my patients to help make that commitment to treatment by initially booking 6 weekly sessions (this also helps as I get very booked up)

I recommend that patients attend weekly until an improvement in symptoms is experienced, there after treatment can be spaced to every two weeks and eventually to monthly. I would expect most patients to be experiencing a noticeable  improvement in symptoms within 4 treatments and like to review treatment expectations on the 4th appointment.

Depending on the relief in symptoms experienced, some people will continue weekly until full remission is experienced and then move over to monthly top ups to maintain the balance of good health.


One to one acupuncture treatment

Initial Consultation                                                                                                                  £70

Includes full traditional diagnosis and 1st treatment.

Subsequent treatments                                                                                                                                    £50


Home visits (require a clinic based 1st treatment unless already known to me)

Initial Consultation                                                                                                                             £80*

Includes full traditional diagnosis and 1st treatment

Subsequent treatments                                                                                                                                      £60

*Payment for initial appointments is required in advance of the appointment by Bank transfer or cheque, and for subsequent appointments is required at the time of treatment either in cash or by card.

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